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Weekly Commuter Passes

Commuter passes are available for Suffolk county workers to purchase in the office or onboard the ferry from Monday to Wednesday each week. They can be used either 5 or 6 round trips in a given week. Weekly commuter passes expire on Sunday.

  • 5-day commuter pass: $27
  • 6-day commuter pass: $33

In order to purchase a South Ferry commuter pass, you must present a valid South Ferry Commuter ID Card. To qualify for a Commuter ID Card, you must show a current pay stub or W2 from a business located in Suffolk County. You can download a commuter pass application here or get one from the office.

commuter passes

Resident Passes

Shelter Island residents can purchase a 10-trip resident pass from the office. They can be used either for round-trips from Shelter Island or for one-way trips from North Haven. There is no expiration date.

  • 10-trip resident pass: $65

In order to purchase a South Ferry resident pass, you must present proof of residency in person at the office.

resident passes

Ticket Books

You can purchase multi-day ticket books onboard the ferry or in the office. They can be used in place of cash for cars or trucks under 22 feet and provide a discount from the normal fare. They have no expiration date and can be purchased by anyone.

  • 10 one-way trips: $90
  • 10 same day round-trips: $120
  • 30 passenger or pedestrian trips: $30
ticket books