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Welcome to the South Ferry

The South Ferry Company shuttles people and vehicles between Shelter Island and North Haven 365 days a year every 10-15 minutes.



Payment accepted onboard by cash or check only. There is an additional $2 surcharge per vehicle after midnight. Round-trips must be on the same day. Large or commercial vehicles may be charged higher rates. See the full rate sheet for details. Discount passes are available.


Ferries operate continuously every 10-15 minutes. No reservations are necessary.

Daily between the 3rd Saturday in June and the 1st Monday in September (Labor Day):

FromFirst boatLast boat
Shelter IslandDeparts @ 5:20 a.m.Departs @ 1:45 a.m.
North HavenDeparts @ 5:30 a.m.Departs @ 1:50 a.m.

How To Ride the Ferry


If you’re driving a car or truck, wait in the designated ferry lane until the ferry arrives. Turn off your headlights. Pay attention and wait until the gate opens and a crew member invites you aboard. Drive on slowly and follow their parking directions. Engage your parking brake, put your vehicle in park, and turn off your engine. Stay in your vehicle until a crew member accepts your payment.

If you are riding a bicycle or on foot, wait by the side of the gate out of the way of traffic until a crew member invites you to come aboard. Follow the crew’s directions on where to park your bicycle or stand.


You may use cash or a check to pay your fare onboard. Credit cards are not accepted, but there is an ATM near each dock. Try to have your money, commuter pass, or return ticket ready before a crew member approaches you. Tell them if you want to purchase a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket, how many adult passengers (not including the driver) there are, and how you intend to pay. The crew member will take your payment and give you a return ticket or receipt. If you are returning for the second half of your round-trip, give them your ticket for validation.


When the ferry arrives at the destination, wait for the crew to direct you how and when to depart; it may be different from how you boarded. If driving, start your engine and remove your parking brake. If on foot or bicycle, wait until all vehicles have left before disembarking. Carefully exit the ferry and be mindful of pedestrians, oncoming traffic, and your headlights as you drive away.